Synonym for Academic IELTS English

Synonym for Academic IELTS English

Allow     = Approve, Consent, Grant permission, Oblige, Permit, Tolerate

Big         = Considerable, Great, Immense, Huge, Major, Prime, Significant, Sizeable, Substancial

Do         = Conduct, Engage in, Participate, Perform, Undertake

Do not have = Lack

Enough         = Adequate, Sufficient

Fix                 = Correct, Repair, Resolve, Settle, Solve, Sort

Get                 = Acquire, Gain, Obtain, Receive

Give                = Contribute, Offer, Present, Provide, Supply

Go                 = Attend, Encounter, Experience, Undergo

Good             = Acceptable, Adroit, Commendable, Competent, Excellent, Exceptional, Fabulous, Fantastic, Favorable, First-class, Great, Marvelous, Proficient, Satisfactory, Skillful, Splendid, Stupendous, Super, Superb, Superior, Tip-top, Valuable, Wonderful

Important = Chief, Critical, Crucial, Essential, Imperative, Key, Necessary, Urgent, Weighty, Vital

Less = Decreased, Reduced

Less and less = A decreasing number, Decreasingly

Little = Minimal

Many = Numerous, Large numbers, Various

More = Added, Additional, Futher

More and more = An increasing number/amount, Increasingly

Not enough = Insufficient, Inadequate

Nowadays = At the moment, Now, Today

Over time = As time goes on, Eventually, Gradually, In due time, In time

Parts         = Areas, Articles, Assignment, Chapters, Duties, Groups, Passages, Sections, Sectors, Segments, Semesters, Tasks, Units

People     = Adults, Children, Citizens, Community members, Individuals, Human Beings, Humankind, Humans, Mankind, Members of society, Men, Persons, Society, Stakeholders, The Community, The masses, The public, The general public, Women

Serious     = Alarming, Grave, Pressing, Pressuring, Severe, Urgent

Small         = Insignificant, Insubstantial, Minimal, Minor, Tiny

Things     = Articles, Concerns, Industries, Issues, Items, Matters, Objects, Priorities, Stuff

Too much     = An excess of, Excessive

Try             = Attempt, Endeavour, Pursue, Strive, Undertake, Venture

Wrong     = Amiss, Arguable, Askew, Awry, Bad, Debatable, Dubious, Erring, Erroneous, Fallacy, Fallacious, False, Inaccurate, Incorrect, In error, Miscalculated, Misconstrued, Misguided, Mistaken, Not correct, On the wrong track, Off target, Perverse, Questionable, Spurious, Ungrounded, Unsatisfactory, Untrue


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