Synonym for Academic IELTS English

Synonym for Academic IELTS English 

Allow                                                                  Approve, Consent, Grant permission, Oblige, Permit, Tolerate

Big                                                                      Considerable, Great, Immense, Huge, Major, Prime, Significant, Sizeable, Substancial

Do                                                                       Conduct, Engage in, Participate, Perform, Undertake

Do not have                                                       Lack

Enough                                                               Adequate, Sufficient

Fix                                                                      Correct, Repair, Resolve, Settle, Solve, Sort

Get                                                                     Acquire, Gain, Obtain, Receive

Give                                                                   Contribute, Offer, Present, Provide, Supply

Go                                                                      Attend, Encounter, Experience, Undergo

Good                                                                  Acceptable, Adroit, Commendable, Competent, Excellent, Exceptional, Fabulous, Fantastic, Favorable, First-class, Great, Marvelous, Proficient, Satisfactory, Skillful, Splendid, Stupendous, Super, Superb, Superior, Tip-top, Valuable, Wonderful

Important                                                         Chief, Critical, Crucial, Essential, Imperative, Key, Necessary, Urgent, Weighty, Vital

Less                                                                    Decreased, Reduced

Less and less                                                     A decreasing number, Decreasingly

Little                                                                  Minimal

Many                                                                  Numerous, Large numbers, Various

More                                                                   Added, Additional, Futher

More and more                                                 An increasing number/amount, Increasingly

Not enough                                                        Insufficient, Inadequate

Nowadays                                                          At the moment, Now, Today

Over time                                                          As time goes on,  Eventually, Gradually, In due time, In time

Parts                                                                  Areas, Articles, Assignment, Chapters, Duties, Groups, Passages, Sections, Sectors, Segments, Semesters, Tasks, Units

People                                                                Adults, Children, Citizens, Community members, Individuals, Human Beings, Humankind, Humans, Mankind, Members of society, Men, Persons, Society, Stakeholders, The Community, The masses, The public, The general public, Women

Serious                                                               Alarming, Grave, Pressing, Pressuring, Severe, Urgent

Small                                                                  Insignificant, Insubstantial, Minimal, Minor, Tiny

Things                                                                Articles, Concerns, Industries, Issues, Items, Matters, Objects, Priorities, Stuff

Too much                                                          An excess of, Excessive

Try                                                                     Attempt, Endeavour, Pursue, Strive, Undertake, Venture

Wrong                                                                Amiss, Arguable, Askew, Awry, Bad, Debatable, Dubious, Erring, Erroneous, Fallacy, Fallacious, False, Inaccurate, Incorrect, In error, Miscalculated, Misconstrued, Misguided, Mistaken, Not correct, On the wrong track, Off target, Perverse, Questionable, Spurious, Ungrounded, Unsatisfactory, Untrue


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